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Perthshire Chamber Test & Protect App Up And Running For Local Businesses

PERTHSHIRE businesses are being reminded to sign up for an innovative contact-tracing app, as they prepare to emerge from Lockdown.

The app, which has been made available by Perthshire Chamber of Commerce, enables business owners to easily and securely check-in customers and collect the data needed to support the Scottish Government’s Test and Protect Programme.

The Track and Trace web app also allows them to manually check-in guests who do not have a smartphone.

This app is free for all businesses in Perthshire and is supported by Scotland Loves Local.

Perthshire Chamber Chief Executive, Vicki Unite, said: “The app gives businesses the chance to quickly and securely capture the data needed with a minimum of hassle.

“It helps to give visitors and customers the confidence to safely visit Perthshire establishments knowing the necessary contact tracing information is being collected in line with GDPR requirements.”

Visitors simply scan a QR code with a smartphone on entry and input their contact information to be held securely for use if required by NHS Scotland.

This means that after the first sign-in, they can check-in easily and securely each time they visit a café, restaurant, hotel, visitor attraction or other business which is using the app.

The information gathered, which automatically expires after 21 days, is held centrally by Perthshire Chamber of Commerce, to be provided to the NHS Scotland Test and Protect team if required.

The web app can be tailored for any business which signs up, and the system creates their business’s unique QR code.

It also provides a support package of posters and flyers to promote their use of the Track and Trace initiative and businesses can in addition check the number of logins on their own online dashboard.

Businesses who would like to know more about the Test and Trace app, which is branded under the #ProtectPerthshire hashtag, should contact the Chamber on 01738 448325 or email protect@perthshirechamber.co.uk

For sign up and further details please go to https://protect.perthshirechamber.co.uk/


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