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Perthshire Chamber of Commerce

"The Well of Perth" - Community Resilience Project, High Street

We are currently looking for quotes for the capital costs (joinery, plumbing and electrics) from reputable traders, as well as potentially statements of intent to support the project, should lottery funding be forthcoming, through sponsorship (with advertising, including within our app, website, social media, and on a plaque in the cafe courtyard for the sponsor), whether it be - direct sponsorship, donation or discount of required materials, or donation or discount of work to be done.



Following the development of the app and our partnerships, we have formed a collaboration to create a new CIC, selected our premises, and been in contact with the National Lottery regarding a medium-sized grant. (Linda of Linda's Ladies will be a director, and we are seeking input from MindSpace as to how this may benefit their service users, as well as potentially input as to how it should look and develop.)


- provide and promote wellbeing, resilience, self-management and development, both at an individual and community level,

- provide and enable meaningful social connection, reducing isolation, creating conversation - possible 'Talking Library,' and befriending/mentor projects.

- support recovery, self-management and development (not crisis-level, not suicide or self-harm prevention) We will talk more in terms of resilience, coping skills, self-development, social connection, community-led activity and events, and how we can all thrive, regardless of starting point, conditions or previous struggles and circumstance!

- run creative workshops, including writing, art, comedy and public speaking (focussing on personal development, life skills and benefit to mental wellbeing and coping skills)

- provide a book library, book exchange

- intergenerational projects, including 

- be an 'ASDAN certification centre,' providing opportunity for accredited personal development and employability qualifications

- inspirational but accessible local guest speakers - kindling ambition, hopes and dreams etc.

- kid's corner

- art studio and library

- plan community-led events (relating to wellbeing, resilience and celebration of P&K, people and places), through surveys, focus groups and planning committees

- be a fully-functional commercial cafe, with opening hours to allow for maximum public engagement

(the above is plans for the ground floor)

... and if the funding is there, on first floor:

A listening service, in a safe, welcoming, private and confidential area. This service would be run by a separate CIC, Well Minds Listening CIC, who would rent the space from the Cafe.

Woodwork and DIY, for women, by women, as a hobby and practical tool for wellbeing, independence and empowerment (for girls, teen girls, women of all ages,). This will aim to include programmes for specific groups of women, including ex-offenders, single mothers etc. This is also to be run by a separate CIC, Carpenter Girl CIC.

Some extra benefits:

- x3 entrances/exits, so would be in a strong position in the event of further lockdowns, and has good airing. (enter from High St, Mill St, and from courtyard)

- courtyard, with heaters planned for winter

potential for a PARKLET (one entrance/exit is onto a Mill St. car park)

For more information, contact Andy - andy@scotlandallstrong.com

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