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The Guildry Incorporation of Perth Support Potential - Perthshire Chamber of Commerce

The Guildry Incorporation of Perth Support Potential

The Guildry Incorporation of Perth or the “Guildry” as it is more familiarly known is a charitable organisation, which continues to provide support for its members by way of bursaries, pensions etc., and also to support deserving local causes. More information can be obtained from perthguildry.org.uk

The Guildry is exploring the possibility of providing financial support to businesses to encourage the employment of apprentices. Particular emphasis is to be given to heritage trades and the development of skills that provide a valuable connection to the past and an inspiration for future employment. Apart from traditional construction trades such as stonemason or drystone dyker,  if you are a clockmaker, a French polisher or a furniture restorer for example, keen to expand your business and enthusiastic to pass on your knowledge and experience to the younger generation The Guildry are keen to hear from you.

If you operate a business in the Perth area and are considering taking on an apprentice, The Guildry Incorporation of Perth would be pleased if you would write to them by e-mail at secretary@perthguildry.org.uk, giving an outline of your business and your proposal for the employment of a new apprentice.






























































































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