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The First Minister's Statement to Parliament - 15th March - Perthshire Chamber of Commerce

The First Minister's Statement to Parliament - 15th March

The First Minister delivered a statement to Parliament today and gave an update on COVID-19 regulations.  

Remaining legal requirements for businesses and service providers to collect customer details for contact tracing, and to have regard to and take reasonable measures set out in Covid guidance, will end as planned on Monday 21 March.

Requirements to wear face coverings on public transport and most indoor public settings will continue until at least early April given the current spike in Covid case numbers.

In addition, from Friday (18 March) all remaining COVID-related travel restrictions will be lifted. The ability to reintroduce measures if, for example, a new variant emerges has been retained.

The Scottish Government has published its Testing Transition Plan, which sets out the timelines for moving away from population-wide testing aimed at reducing transmission, towards a more targeted approach.

From 18 April, people are no longer being asked to test themselves regularly if they are asymptomatic. This includes asymptomatic testing in all workplaces besides Health and Social care workplaces and Prisons.

Perthshire Chamber chief executive Vicki Unite said:

“Once again, the speed bumps have been placed on the road to recovery and to say it is disappointing is understating the depth of feeling in our businesses.

“They thought they finally had a definitive calendar date when full service could be resumed, but now less than a week before there was to be no legal requirement to adhere to the Government’s measures, the rug has been pulled from underneath their feet - again.

“I think we all thought we had come to a clear understanding that we had to live with the virus, even in the face of rising figures, and that businesses would be able to focus on re-establishing stability and growth.

“Yet it is not the green shoots of recovery that we can now see; it is the unpalatable seeds of doubt and confusion, and a fear that uncertainty will continue to hinder businesses, as they desperately try to get things back on track.”

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