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Tayside welcomes brand new Tayside Upcycling & Crafts Centre on the A90

Drivers between Perth and Dundee will now find out that the A90 is hosting a fantastic new shop- the Tayside Upcycling & Crafts Centre. Situated about halfway between the two Tayside cities, TUCC is a physical representation of the best of circular economy- less waste in the landfill and more value creation. 


Hosting 5 artisans, with keynote resident artisan Sarah Peterson, from Sarah's Attic,  TUCC is the place to go to find beautiful creations made of wood, metal and fabric, imaginative ways or reusing material to create exquisite artifacts of practical and aesthetic use. 

The themes vary, from harmonious 60ies retro and bold 80ies furniture, to beautiful wooden bowls and metal clocks, they ll have something in common- they are a great example of upcycling, of the process of taking something that was headed for the landfill and turning it into something of greater value than it was! 

Where does the additional value come from? 

The imagination of the artisans. One of the most important parts of the circular economy is the design stage. These artisans take a look at something headed for the landfill, and can see the potential it hides. A coat of paint and some intricate drawings, a bit of rust remover and some wood polish, turn these objects into art. In the shop you can even find paint and brushes to help you revamp your old furniture, as well as workshops to show you how to do so. 

TUCC also accepts commissions on furnitures and donations from individuals. Lastly, they want to offer volunteering opportunities to people that are facing challenges with employment, the last element in their triple bottom line- financial profit from adding value to waste, environmental profit from saving tons of wood, metal, fabric and CO2 from the landfill, and social profit from offering useful skills to uneployed people. 

Find them on our Circular Tayside Map, visit their Facebook page and don't forget to stop by their premises on the A90 and take a close look to the beautiful objects they have on site- you will not be disappointed! 

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