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Support for fishing and coastal communities - Perthshire Chamber of Commerce

Support for fishing and coastal communities

A new round of funding to support fishing businesses and wider marine organisations in coastal communities is open for applications.

Now in its second year, the Marine Fund Scotland has an overall budget of up to £14 million.

It was introduced by the Scottish Government to replace the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund, which UK businesses no longer have access to following Brexit.

Marine Fund Scotland will support projects which contribute to innovative and sustainable marine sectors, reduce carbon emissions and support coastal communities. It will reflect Scotland’s Blue Economy Vision, which was published earlier this year. 

Helping to improve safety standards will also be a key aim, including individual fishers upskilling their safety training.

Applicants to the Marine Fund Scotland will be asked, where relevant, to demonstrate that they understand the impact of their project on nature and biodiversity, and are taking appropriate steps to reduce or mitigate any negative impacts and enhance any positive impacts relative to their current position.


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