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Scottish tourism bookings down as cost-of-living crisis bites - Perthshire Chamber of Commerce

Scottish tourism bookings down as cost-of-living crisis bites


Half of Scotland's tourism industry says it has recorded fewer bookings this summer compared with 2019, new figures show.

The Scottish Tourism Alliance (STA) survey found almost 40% of businesses reported a decrease in spending since May 2021.

Business say the drop-off is due to the cost-of-living crisis and the appeal of international travel.

They say they struggle to compete on price with global destinations.

More than 700 tourism businesses across Scotland took part in the survey, which ran from 17 May to 8 June.

A record 55% of businesses reported that their international bookings for June-August were lower in comparison with May 2019 - before the pandemic.

It also highlighted problems with staffing and recruitment, with 60% of hotels saying they are unable to trade effectively at current staffing levels.

Marc Crothall, STA chief executive, said the report showed recovery from the pandemic was happening at a much slower pace than anticipated and not across all tourism sectors.


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