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Scottish Government Update - 21st March 2022 - Perthshire Chamber of Commerce

Scottish Government Update - 21st March 2022

Most of the remaining legal requirements in the Coronavirus regulations were removed today (21st March), specifically requirements for workplaces to:

  • collect and share visitor information;
  • have regard to Scottish Government guidance about minimising risk of exposure to COVID-19 on its premises;
  • take reasonably practicable measures, as set out in the guidance, to minimise incidence and spread of COVID-19.

Guidance for businesses and workplaces on reducing the risk of COVID-19 and supporting staff and customers has been updated to reflect these changes.

A toolkit to assist businesses is available here, a further toolkit for event organisers and businesses who are continuing with the option to check COVID status is available here.

By law, people must continue to wear a face covering in most indoor public spaces, unless exempt from doing so because of specific circumstances. This will be reviewed on 29 March and any changes implemented from 4 April. 

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