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Scottish Government announces £10m investment in net-zero energy - Perthshire Chamber of Commerce

Scottish Government announces £10m investment in net-zero energy

New funding to drive innovation within the hydrogen sector and accelerate its production and storage has been launched by the Scottish Government.

The £10 million Hydrogen Innovation Scheme will provide capital support over the next four years . This aims to unlock additional private investment in the technology, and enable new companies to enter the sector.

The first round of funding will target:

  • Projects that support the low-cost, efficient and sustainable production of renewable hydrogen
  • Projects that support efficient hydrogen storage and distribution, both within Scotland and for export
  • Projects that support the efficient integration of hydrogen into our energy system

The scheme is part of a Scottish Government commitment to invest £100 million in hydrogen over the course of this parliament. This is part of a wider £180 million package of investment in emerging energy technologies which will be delivered as set out in the updated Climate Change Plan.


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