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Scottish councils given powers to run own bus services - Perthshire Chamber of Commerce

Scottish councils given powers to run own bus services

Councils in Scotland have been given new powers to run their own bus services.

From Monday, local authorities have the flexibility to set up services to benefit local communities.

Since 1985, local transport authorities have been prevented from running services, but this has been reversed by changes to existing legislation.

Local government body Cosla welcomed the move but said it was not a "magic solution" and councils "would need funding to take advantage".

Transport Minister Jenny Gilruth hoped the powers would give councils flexibility and would revitalise local services.

Councils will not have to run services themselves under the new set-up, and can instead opt for a partnership or franchise approach.

Ms Gilruth said: "The act was designed to help make Scotland's transport network cleaner, smarter and more accessible than ever before.

"By giving local authorities the flexible tools they need to respond to their own transport challenges, we can deliver a more responsive and sustainable transport system for everyone in Scotland."


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