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Scottish Chamber of Commerce: Strategic Framework & Office Re-opening Policy Update - Perthshire Chamber of Commerce

Scottish Chamber of Commerce: Strategic Framework & Office Re-opening Policy Update

Strategic Framework Update & Office Re-opening Policy Update

Following the First Minister’s statement in Parliament earlier this week, we are likely to expect the move towards level 0 and the subsequent gradual re-opening of non-essential offices to be delayed by three weeks, to the 19th July. The attached briefing provides a more detailed overview of the current position on the re-opening of offices.

Ahead of the First Minister’s announcement on Tuesday 22nd June, we expect the Scottish Government to publish the updated Strategic Framework which is expected to include a phased return of offices from next month and beyond level 0 timelines, as well as the long-awaited publication of the Physical Distancing Review.

In SCC’s engagements with Scottish Government this week, SCC has raised the following key issues on behalf of the Network:

  1. The Strategic Framework must include greater detail on the steps out of lockdown, including dates for when a return to normality will be achieved and when legislative restrictions will come to an end;
  2. The Strategic Framework must also update its ‘strategic intent’ on the Scottish Government’s strategy to manage Coronavirus, in line with the success of the vaccination programme and efficacy of vaccines against the virus;
  3. Publication of a timeline of when the economy will fully re-open and clear communications as to which mitigations will remain in place by law and which ones will be classed as best practice guidance;
  4. Publication of the Physical Distancing Review with clear approach of when physical distancing measures will reduce and be removed in business / economy settings. (Note: UKG is carrying out its own review which is currently delayed).

Read Full Briefing Here

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