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Chamber Network Update - Coronavirus - Perthshire Chamber of Commerce

Chamber Network Update - Coronavirus

As media coverage of the coronavirus increases, we felt it appropriate to share more up-to-date information since the update we shared on the 12th of February on this issue. Since the first positive case of coronavirus in Scotland was confirmed, the UK Government chaired a meeting of the government emergency COBR committee on the coronavirus outbreak to finalise a plan of counter-measures to the virus.

It is understandable that businesses are becoming more aware and cautious of the potential economic and human impacts of the virus. We continue to be watchful of further significant developments and will update you on these as they come. Below is a list of information and resources we have gathered, which we would encourage you to share within your own networks as we are doing to our collective membership:

For any other country travel advice, please click here and search.

We will publish more updates as we receive them.

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