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Rules ease for weddings and funerals - Perthshire Chamber of Commerce

Rules ease for weddings and funerals

Covid restrictions for weddings have eased in Scotland, with live entertainment allowed and suppliers no longer part of the limit on guests.

A person walking the bride or groom down the aisle will also no longer need to wear face a covering.

Funeral guidance has also been revised to allow people from more than one household to carry a coffin.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said these were "minor, but important changes" towards returning to normal.

It had previously been hoped that Scotland could move to the lowest level of Covid restrictions, level zero, on 28 June.

But last week Ms Sturgeon said current levels would remain in force until 19 July.

Lockdown easing was paused for three weeks to allow more time for people to be vaccinated.

The current maximum number for attending weddings is 200 guests in level zero, 100 in level one and 50 in level two areas.

Live entertainment at receptions will now be allowed, however guests will still need to be seated at tables.

Island communities such as Orkney, Shetland and the Western Isles are already in level zero, with all mainland areas in level one or level two of the country's five-tier system of restrictions.  


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