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Remote Working : Covid-19 / Corona Virus - Perthshire Chamber of Commerce

Remote Working : Covid-19 / Corona Virus

No doubt as you read this you will be digesting various sources of information in relation to covid-19 and how to best prepare your business. It is difficult to determine between practical preventative measures and over the top fear mongering but we imagine it will be somewhere in-between as always.

As the outbreak continues to spread it is possible that the British Government may impose a nationwide quarantine over the Easter break next month, or sooner, dependant on official advice. Due to this we think it is important that all businesses within the area are equipped to adapt to the evolving situation.

How does it work?

Creating a tunnel between the home and work network the VPMe device is developed to ensure that plug and play capabilities don’t sacrifice security.

Should you be interested in VPMe and want to speak to us please contact Flonix Ltd on 01738 500400 or via email info@flonix.co.uk.


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