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Perth City Centre Website – how to register your reopening details - Perthshire Chamber of Commerce

Perth City Centre Website – how to register your reopening details

Perth and Kinross Council have published guidance for Perth businesses on how to add or update their business information on the Perth City Centre website.  This is particularly pertinent for those businesses preparing to reopen at the end of the month.

How to register your re-opening information on the Perth City Centre website:

1. Follow the link and register your business. If you've already registered you can update your info https://www.perthcity.co.uk/directory-register

2. You can update this at ANY TIME and so we would advise you let people know your services now and update it when things change.

3. You can also get your listing done if you're not open or trading so that you're all up and running for re-opening. This will be an ongoing directory.

4. You will need an image (not a logo!) that represents your business, yourself or your products. This should be 486 x 330 pixels so do have that ready. There are some tips for resizing via the link.

5. If you can't find an appropriate category, please choose misc and email nicola@theredstringagency.co.uk. We’ll be updating and adding to the categories as more come on stream. There are circa 14 categories at the moment but they don't show on the front end if they are empty. As soon as your listing is approved, it will show.

6. Remember that this is a window for your business - write as though you're someone else talking enthusiastically about it! So instead of saying 'We have a great range of gifts." say, "Business Name has a wonderful array of gifts that will leave you spoiled for choice!"

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