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People cut back on food shopping as price rises bite - Perthshire Chamber of Commerce

People cut back on food shopping as price rises bite

Households are cutting back on food shopping as the rising cost of living bites into budgets.

Nearly half of adults surveyed by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said they had bought less food in the past fortnight due to higher prices.

The price of food was also the most common reason for why those asked were seeing their monthly outgoings rising overall, the ONS said.

The ONS said its feedback from supermarkets also suggested customers were spending less on their food shop because of the rising cost of living.

It found that sales in supermarkets dropped 1.5% in May, with a 2.2% fall in specialist shops such as butchers and bakers.

Retail sales overall fell by 0.5% in May.

Prices overall are continuing to rise at their fastest rate for 40 years, with UK inflation at 9.1%, the highest level since March 1982.

Fuel and energy prices are the biggest drivers of inflation, but food costs drove the most recent rise in May, with prices for bread, cereal and meat climbing.


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