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Microsoft Office Excel: Intermediate Level Full Details and Booking - Perthshire Chamber of Commerce

Microsoft Office Excel: Intermediate Level Full Details and Booking

Upskill yourself and/or your team in this valuable and versatile product.

Thursay 10th Feb, 1000 - 1600, £75 (was £150 - 50% discount)

Take advantage of a great 50% discount offer from BuildYourSkill and learn all the ways Excel can help your business.


This course is aimed at users who already have a basic knowledge of Excel. You will learn more about sorting, filtering and summarising data, using data validation (drop down menus) and working with tables. You will get the opportunity to learn more about formulas and functions including absolute & relative cell referencing, the lookup function and the IF function as well as pivot tables and advanced conditional formatting.

This course content includes:

Working with Data

• Sorting alphabetically

• Sorting on 2 or more fields / value / colour

• Custom sort

• Creating a custom list

Filtering Data

• Auto / advanced filtering

Filling Data

• Filling a series / growth series

• Using flash fill to extract data

Managing Workbooks and Print Options

• Worksheet techniques

• Page set-up options

Summarising Data - from same sheet & multiple sheets / workbooks

• Using subtotal

• Using 3D formulas

• Using the consolidate function

Data Validation

• Lists / drop down menus / dependent lists

• Basic data validation & error Messages

Absolute & Mixed Cell References

• Absolute – using $ to fix reference cell into position

• Relative – formulas change relative position of rows & columns

• Mixed – combination of absolute and relative in formulas

Formulas & Functions

• IF Function (IF Statements) - evaluating certain conditions

• Using the IFERROR function

• Introduction to NestedIF / IFS

Protecting Workbooks, Worksheets & Cells

• COUNTIF Function – to count cells based on a specific criterion

• COUNTIF using the insert function Box

• COUNTIF with summary table

• Using logical operators (>, <, =, not equal to, contains specific text etc)

SUMIF Function / AVERAGE IF- to sum or average cells based on a specific criterion

LOOKUP Functions – to search and insert a value into a cell when the value is stored somewhere else in the worksheet, e.g price lists

• V & H Lookups / X Lookup

Date & Time

• DatedIF

o Difference in years, months, days

o Using Today() formula and $ & Populating blank cells

Advanced Conditional Formatting

• New rule with AND / OR / IF

• Highlighting entire row

Database Functions - using a Spreadsheet as a Database


Data Forms

• Adding the form command

• Applying data form Criteria


• Creating an Excel table

• Adding rows, columns and formulas

Charting with Excel

• Creating a chart

• Quick layout & formatting

Basic Pivot Tables

• Introduction to pivot tables


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