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Local Business Supports Freelancers in Growing Virtual Sector - Perthshire Chamber of Commerce

Local Business Supports Freelancers in Growing Virtual Sector


Paul Ellis, Founder and CEO of Background Support, is based in Blairgowrie with Freelance colleagues in Pitlochry, Edinburgh & Glasgow

Paul founded Background Support in 2019, growing business out of his previous company which provided project management, change management, and morale improvement for various public and private sector organisations.

Background Support offers businesses process management services. This may sound like an unnecessarily grandiose term, but essentially, it’s just about revising, improving (if needs be), and documenting what you do: helping to organise your business systems so that you can scale your business, or just make your day run smoothly.

Over the past year, as virtual and remote working became commonplace, Paul found his own workload and demands on his time were rising as his business began to build and the client list began to grow. At this point, Paul’s thoughts were also with his freelance colleagues, friends and family who worked in industries including; Theatre, Education & Events Management, all of which had been truly devastated by the global pandemic. Paul considered that this workforce, being especially skilled in communication, problem solving and organisation were out there just waiting to be tapped in to.

Fast forward 12 months and Background Support now has a growing roster of skilled freelancers, each one bringing their own unique expertise allowing the company to support a diverse range of clients including; Financial Technology Firms, Legal Training Companies, Insurance Brokers as well as several small, independent businesses. Paul hopes that with this unique model of growth Background Support can continue to grow as a vibrant, personable service which can support Scottish business and nourish local freelance talent.

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