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Landlord warning over making Covid eviction laws permanent - Perthshire Chamber of Commerce

Landlord warning over making Covid eviction laws permanent

Landlords are warning that new laws on tenant evictions in Scotland could cut the number of rental homes.

Emergency powers granted during the Covid pandemic required landlords to seek approval for evictions from a tribunal. MSPs are due to decide whether this should be made permanent.

The Scottish Association of Landlords said members would "lose confidence" and sell their homes if it goes ahead.

The Scottish government said a tribunal process helps prevent homelessness.

The final stage of the Coronavirus (Recovery and Reform) Bill will be debated in the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday.

The Scottish Association of Landlords, the National Farmers' Union of Scotland, the National Trust for Scotland and Scottish Land & Estates claim the proposals could backfire.

The organisations said up to one in five landlords could withdraw from the market, with rental homes already in short supply.

The Scottish government said it would continue to seek improvements in the sector to ensure tenants are treated fairly and can access good-quality properties.


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