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Introduction to Excel Full Details and Booking - Perthshire Chamber of Commerce

Introduction to Excel Full Details and Booking

Upskill yourself and/or your team in this valuable and versatile product.

Thursay 27th Jan, 1000 - 1600, £75 (was £150 - 50% discount)

Take advantage of a great 50% discount offer from BuildYourSkill and learn all the ways Excel can help your business.

Introduction to Excel

This course is designed for new or existing basic users of Microsoft Excel. You will get the opportunity explore the many features of Excel, learn basic formulas and functions, how to format data and cells and use conditional formatting to analyse information. You will find out how to sort and filter data and manage worksheets effectively.

This course content includes:

Exploring Excel

• Creating a new workbook

• The Ribbon & features of the sheet

Basic Workbook Skills

• Selecting Cells & Ranges

• Closing and Saving Workbooks

Basic Formulas

• Basic Formula – getting started

• Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying & Dividing Formulas

Basic Functions

• Autosum, Average, Count, Max, Min

Formatting Data and Cells

• Formatting Numbers & Text

• Colouring Data and Cells

• Wrapping, Shrinking & Merging Cells & Using Indents

• The Format Painter & Cell Styles / Applying borders

Basic Conditional Formatting

• Highlight Cell Rules & Top / Bottom Rules

• Data Bars / Colour Scales / Icon Sets

Copying and Moving Data

• Copy and Paste

• Cut and Paste

• Working with Data Series

• Autofill / Using the Fill Button

• Drag and Drop / Undo and Redo

• Find and Replace


• Accessing print options & Choosing what to print

• Previewing and printing

• Page Setup / Orientation / Scaling / Margins

Working with Columns and Rows

• Selecting Columns and Rows

• Changing Column width and row height / Unit Measurements

• Changing Unit Measurements

• Hiding and Unhiding & Inserting and Deleting Columns and Rows

Using Large Spreadsheets

• Changing the magnification

• Full Screen View / Freezing Panes / Splitting the Window

Working with Data

• Sorting Data

o Alphabetically (A-Z, Z-A)

o Sorting two fields

o Sorting text and dates

• Filtering & Auto Filter

Named Ranges

• Naming a range of cells & Jumping to a named range

• Using range names in formulas

• Re-defining and deleting range names

Managing Worksheets

• Naming and shading sheets

• Copying and Moving Sheets

• Adding and Deleting Worksheets

Grouping Worksheets

• Creating 3-D Formulas

Working with Percentages (%)

• Increasing by a %

• Decreasing by a %

• Difference in values as a %

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