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Glenalmond College - Virtual Open Day, June 19th - Perthshire Chamber of Commerce

Glenalmond College - Virtual Open Day, June 19th

Glenalmond College are delighted to extend a very warm invitation to join them on Saturday, June 19th from 10am for their Virtual Open Day. 

The Online Open Day will offer an online opportunity to meet pupils and staff as well as exploring the stunning campus, set in 300 acres of the beautiful Perthshire countryside.

The aim is for the Open Day to give an insight into the school's vibrant, close-knit community, its values and its commitment to academic and pastoral excellence. 

Visitors will have the opportunity to speak with the Warden (Head), Dr Michael Alderson, as well as members of the admissions team and key staff involved in sport, music, academic and pastoral care. A series of videos and publications will also be provided to visitors to give a clear sense of what life is like at Glenalmond College and what sets it apart. 

A spokesperson said: 'Glenalmond is, we believe, the most beautiful school in the world, providing a natural, healthy environment in which children thrive and make friendships (and memories) for life.'

As part of the visit, participants will also be given a virtual tour which starts with the unforgettable drive down Front Avenue and through the archway into the Quad at the heart of the school, in which the library, chapel and cloisters are located. They will then soar high above for a bird's eye view of the state-of-the-art astro pitches before swooping on to visit the swimming pool, golf course, outdoor classroom and other facilities and classrooms. 

During the Open Day, there will also be streaming live from different parts of the school. 


Open Week June 19 - June 26

We are delighted that it is now also possible to arrange an in-person visit to Glenalmond College and enjoy a tour of our school and facilities. 

From June 19th we will be hosting an Open Week and opening our school gates to welcome families interested in a Glenalmond education to visit us in person throughout the week.

For any further enquiries email admissions@glenalmondcollege.co.uk, call 0044+1738 842000

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