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First full-size driverless bus trials to begin in Scotland - Perthshire Chamber of Commerce

First full-size driverless bus trials to begin in Scotland

The UK's first full-sized driverless buses will begin trials in Scotland this week with a view to having passengers on board later this summer.

Road testing of the autonomous single-decker vehicles gets under way on a 14-mile route between Edinburgh and Fife.

The two-week trial, on a route that crosses the Forth Road Bridge, is the latest in a series held in the UK.

A driver will still be on the bus as a back-up initially for passenger safety and to comply with UK legislation.

It follows previous trials of smaller, shuttle buses in London, Cambridge and Birmingham, while another driverless bus pilot is also due to start in Inverness later this year.

The CAVForth project was initially scheduled to begin in 2019 but was delayed as the Covid pandemic hit with a knock-on effect on the supply chain.

It will see five single-deck buses operating between Ferrytoll Park and Ride in Fife and the Edinburgh Park Train and Tram interchange.

The buses are fitted with sensor and control technology which allows them to run on pre-selected roads without the safety driver having to intervene or take control.


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