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Energy Bill and Tax Rebate Scams on the Rise - Perthshire Chamber of Commerce

Energy Bill and Tax Rebate Scams on the Rise

Scams focusing on energy bill deals and council tax rebates to trick people into handing over their money are growing as cost of living rises, a banking trade body has said.

Criminals were "building on people's fears" of high prices, UK Finance said.

Fraud where people were duped into sending money and personal details surged 39% in 2021 compared with 2020.

While people of all age groups are falling victim to such scams, younger people are being targeted more.

UK Finance said criminals are exploiting "weaknesses outside of the banking system", often through online and social media platforms.

Fake delivery texts asking for payment or NHS Covid-19 pass scams during the height of the pandemic were now being replaced by schemes focusing on cost-of-living challenges.

Criminals impersonate a range of organisations ranging from the NHS, to banks and government departments via phone calls, text messages, emails, fake websites and social media posts, the banking trade body said.
In total, £1.3bn, the most on record, was stolen through fraud in 2021, an 8% increase from the year before.


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