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COVID-19 update by the First Minister to the Scottish Parliament - Perthshire Chamber of Commerce

COVID-19 update by the First Minister to the Scottish Parliament

The First Minister gave a further unscheduled COVID-19 Update to the Scottish Parliament at midday today before FMQs.

The key points of the update were: 

- 5,951 new Covid-19 cases in Scotland yesterday.
- 45.4% of these cases were the Omicron variant.
- SG expect Omicron to become the dominant strain in Scotland by tomorrow.
- This will drive a further rapid increase in cases over coming days. 
- FM “profoundly concerned” by situation.

- Booster and vaccine delivery continues to be rapidly being rolled out.
- Omicron is spreading faster than booster rollout can keep pace with.
- Therefore everyone must act to slow transmission. 

- Action required now to avoid NHS being overwhelmed. 
- FM stresses this is “not a choice between protecting health or the economy.”
- FM strongly underlines advice on provided on Tuesday again. 
- Urges public to reduce contact with other households as much as possible.
- Urges public to stay at home as much as possible.
- Reiterates that the risk of catching COVID now is very high.
- Consider if meeting others is vital at the present time, every interaction will risk individuals Christmas plans.

- Business needs the type and scale of financial support available as earlier on in the pandemic. 
- Devolved Governments don’t’ have access to necessary business support funds.
- Therefore urgent financial support from the UK Government is required.
- FM has written to the PM and Treasury today asking for a meeting later today. 

- Duty to protect NHS, lives, and livelihoods SG top priority. 

The Scottish Government have also just published the updated business advice and guidance, you can see it here

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon (stock photo)

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