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Covid-19 Business Recovery: "Green Investment is the way to go" wrap-up

Today's webinar was a big success with extremely insightful presentations from our speakers, John Ferguson from EcoIdea, Vincent Onyango from Dundee University and Derek Stewart from the James Hutton Institute.

We started the webinar with a presentation by John Ferguson on the various scenarios that we should expect to go through in the next months and years. Our systems are likely to change radically and it is a very critical point in time where we can and should direct this change towards a commonly desired future.

We continued the webinar with a great presentation by Dr. Vincent Onyango of Dundee University on EU and UK policy reactions to Covid-19. Dr Onyango presented the recovery packages available, with a focus on the ones aiming at green recovery. We are currently facing an unprecedented investment in green technologies, both in terms of money as well as speed of delivery.

We finished the presentations with Derek Stewart going over some specific circular economy business ideas and their profitability. With a background in chemistry, Derek showed us how "waste" can be transformed into highly profitable new products. He finished the presentation with a summary of the existing funding opportunities.

Q&A followed, with a brief mention to the Circular Tayside and Zero Waste Scotland support for circular economy in the area.

Check out the full session here:

Here you can find the slides, kindly provided by our speakers:

John Ferguson- EcoideaM - Post Covid Scenario Analysis - Circular Tayside June 2020

Vincent Onyango- Vincent Onyango DU 020720

Derek Stewart-  Derek Stewart JHI 20200702

CIrcular Tayside- CIrcular Tayside- 02072020

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