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Covid-19 business recovery: Green investment is the way to go by Circular Tayside



Date and Time

Thu, 2 July 2020

10:00 – 11:00 BST

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About this Event

Covid-19 has disrupted all aspects of our lives in an unprecedented way and we are constantly adapting and changing to fit the new norm. It is important however to look towards the future and at how our businesses and livelihoods can recover from the pandemic, in a way that will make us more resilient for a truly thriving and sustainable future. Join us in this webinar where we will hear from policy, academia, and business experts about recovery the wave of green investments that will take your business out of this crisis.

Guest Speakers

Dr Vincent Onyango- University of Dundee lecturer and researcher

Dr Onyango is a lecturer and researcher at the University of Dundee’s department of Architecture and Urban Planning and leads the degree programme Environmental Sustainability. His academic interests cover, among others, Climate Change, Renewable Energy, Sustainability, Sustainable Development and Natural Resource Management. His research focuses on environmental assessments, integrated environmental planning and management, with greater interest in processes and methodologies towards unifying the boarder and more integrative issues of sustainability and environmental governance. He has recently undertaken research on the effectiveness and design of Scotland’s policies on greenhouse gas emissions in relation to new houses; spatial planning, and marine planning and implications for multi-use of the oceans. With over 31 publications, he will cover the much debated issue of a green Covid-19 recovery.

John Ferguson- Director EcoideaM Ltd and Head of Strategy Binn Eco-Innovation Park

John Ferguson is an environmentalist, strategist, and clean technology innovator. With a 30-year career in waste management, environmentalism and working for organisations such as SEPA, John has been working as Head of Strategy for the Binn Eco Park and as Director for EcoideaM Ltd for the last 10 years. John is the mind behind the innovative Project Beacon, a project that received £0,6 mil from Zero Waste Scotland and £5.2m in the Tay Cities Deal for the creation of an advanced multi technology plastics recycling facility. John has been working on a multi-scenario analysis for Covid-19 recovery for businesses and will share with us his findings as well as tools that businesses can use to redesign the way they are doing things.

Professor Derek Stewart- AgriFood Sector Leader at The James Hutton Institute

Derek started off his career as a chemist and that background led him to investigate the hidden value of waste – the proteins, fibres, macronutrients, fatty acids, colourants and literally hundreds of valuable natural compounds thrown away every day in the form of potato skins, fish heads, straw and many more. At the moment Derek holds the Chair of Food Chemistry in the Department of Engineering and Physical Science at Heriot Watt University, and is the AgriFood Sector Lead at the James Hutton Institute where his responsibilities lie in developing the research opportunities on agriculture, food and drink supply and value chains, production systems, biomass, waste valorisation and the (bio)circular economy. Derek will talk us through the opportunities for circular economy and cover highly profitable markets that can be very fruitful ground for investment and recovery.”

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