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Coronavirus: Army of Tayside and Fife volunteers emerges as thousands rally to help neighbours - Perthshire Chamber of Commerce

Coronavirus: Army of Tayside and Fife volunteers emerges as thousands rally to help neighbours

Volunteer groups, businesses and individuals are rallying to support vulnerable members of the community across Tayside and Fife as the coronavirus pandemic takes hold.

Perth mum and daughter bring together thousands from across community

Adele Frampton and mum Kelley Jane Whiteside.

A mum and daughter have brought together thousands of people from across Perth and Kinross in a matter of days in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic.

Adele Frampton and mum Kelley Jane Whiteside set up the Coronavirus Support in Perthshire Facebook group on Sunday night after a shopping trip – and by Monday some 5,000 people had joined.

Miss Frampton, of Perth, said she hopes the group will help the most vulnerable in the area, as well as support local businesses.

She said: “I was driving to Costco yesterday. I messaged a few of my friends to ask if they needed anything. One of my friends is stuck indoors with their papa who has dementia.

“We thought there was going to be lots of people like that. That is why we just kind of started it. The group has extended out Fife way.

“It has kind of just captured lots of people willing to help. People are saying they can get things from shops. There’s 5,000 people in the group just now. It has gone a bit big.

“A lot of business are hopefully going to benefit from it. Hopefully local businesses get involved.”

She added that local taxi drivers have been among those offering to deliver items for free.

Miss Frampton added she hoped the group would show the best in people after shop shelves were emptied out by panic-buyers.

The 27-year-old said: “It has got everyone pulling together. It is the little things you need if you are stuck indoors for four months or something.

“There are so many people offering to give things – from themselves and their own families as well. It is quite nice especially with everything going on.”

Elsewhere convenience store PriceKracker Plus, which has branches in Fintry and Blairgowrie, will deliver groceries free of charge.

Store manager Asif Sarwar said: “This store has been in my family for three generations and we care about the community. We have built great friendships with many customers so I feel it’s our duty to help them.”

Perth Radio Taxis will deliver groceries to vulnerable people for free.

And Perth takeaway China China has said it will hand out meals to elderly housebound residents.


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