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Consultation on Scotland's first Framework for Tax - Perthshire Chamber of Commerce

Consultation on Scotland's first Framework for Tax

The Scottish Government are seeking views on how they use devolved and local tax powers as part of the Scottish Budget 2022-23 in order to build stronger fiscal foundations for Scotland’s future.

This includes tax priorities for the duration of the current Parliament (2021-26) and the first Framework for Tax in Scotland.

According to the Scottish Government, ''it is envisaged that the Framework for Tax will underpin and support the development of tax policy in Scotland, creating greater transparency and coherency, as well as improving sequencing and to ensure a forward thinking approach is adopted.''

The deadline for responses to the consulation is 26th October 2021. Scottish Chambers of Commerce will be submitting a response to the consulation.

If you wish to, please feel free to share any feedback or input to inform the SCC submission, please contact ccampbell@scottishchambers.org.uk

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