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Circular Tayside - Second Ambassador Meeting

On the 18th June we held our second Circular Tayside Ambassador meeting, delivered via Zoom, and we are very happy to say that we had excellent attendance and a lot of input from everyone. Although by the end of our first meeting in March we had decided to explore different sectors in each meeting, due to the unforeseen Covid-19 related changes, we decided to focus this session on green recovery and ask our ambassadors to help us identify opportunities for our messaging and next activities, in light of the new challenges and opportunities local businesses are facing.

We started the session with introductions and an overview with how everyone was affected by Covid-19 and especially how their sustainability related goals were affected.

We continued on the issue of Green Recovery, which is very relevant to the newly published sustainable recovery  funding from the UK Governement as well as our upcoming webinar on Green Recovery on the second of July.

We finished the session by asking our ambassadors to help us deliver relevant messaging and workshops/webinars to businesses. The ambassadors were split into two groups and were asked to provide us with a “Circular Tayside Ambassador” quote as well as some suggestions for future workshops.

The first group identified that the famous Patrick Geddes quote is a timeless one. “Think Global, Act Local” offers clear guidance on how we should approach the next months of recovery, and beyond.

The second group identified that upcoming activities should cover doughnut economics, what Circular Economy means in practice, the benefits of adopting a local circular economy during recoveryecosystems approaches and what education opportunities are out there for businesses wanting to transition.

Take a look at the participants list and summary below:

Circular Tayside Ambassadors meeting- 18.06.2020- List of participants”

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