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Circular Tayside : November 2020 Newsletter

Check out what we did in November

November has several exciting circular news.

We are very happy to say that our circular canvas offering was even more in demand. We have now used it with third sector organisations, businesses and even event planning. We hae identified what materials and energy are used for the delivery of products and services and identified savings across the whole operational chain. If you are interested to book a session to identify your material inputs and waste streams,  get in touch!

November also saw the start of an exciting partnership between Remake Scotland in Crieff and Halley Stevenson's that ensures that textile offcuts are now being used in the best possible way, reducing negative environmental externalities while providing the local community with excellent quality textiles. Read more about this exciting new partnership here

Events-wise,  Circular Tayside participated in a very interesting Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce "Developing a Greener City" event. Speakers included Dundee City Council, Green Tourism and Fairmont Hotel in St Andrews that went over different options and possibilities for Dundee to become even more sustainable. Check out the event here and find out what Dundee will look like in years to come. 

The month continued with the fantastic "Perth: The most sustainable small city in Europe- What will it take?" event, organised by Perth City Leadership Forum. It was great seeing so many different stakeholders from every sector, putting their minds together to support Perth on its sustainability journey. Register here for Part 2 of the conference.

This month has also seen Zero Waste Scotland's Energy Efficiency Business Support Service offering 20% cashback for businesses using its interest-free loan. Check here for more details and join the 1,000 energy saving projects already benefitting from the service!

Another very interesting event was the "Doing Business in the Netherlands" webinar on the 25th of November, which is part of Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce's Virtual  International Trade Mission in the Netherlands. We had fantastic speakers, including Sabine Bieshuvel – Project Coordinator for Blue City and our very own John Gray - Managing Director for  Angus Soft Fruits Ltd. One key sector for this International Trade Mission is Circular Economy, so check it out and join to meet with other circular organisations in the Netherlands!

Our last event for the month was an Ecosystem event with Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc. We were delighted to be a part of a thriving business support ecosystem for our local "green" businesses, alongside Business Gateway, SE Innovation, NHS and Elevator.

So what is in the cards for December 2020?

We start December with a "Circular Economy and Agri-food: Business Opportunities that don't cost the earth" event on the 3rd of December. Our speakers include Prof Derek Stewart from the James Hutton Institute, Iain Stirling from Arbikie Distillery and Dr Jonathan Wilkin from Abertay University. Find more details here and join us!

Our next event is a Circular Economy event with Sustainable Kirriemuir on the 7th of December where we will present the business support available for local organisations wishing to do the transition from linear to circular. Check it out here.

We continue with a Circular Tayside "Circular organisations that adapted and thrived during Covid-19" on the 10th of December, delivered by Perthshire Chamber of Commerce. Check and register here

Our last event of the year is our 4th Circular Tayside Ambassadors meeting on the 18th of December. Join our Ambassador team and help us make Circular Tayside the best it can be! To join send us an email here

If you would like to hear more about circularity in a specific industry or sector get in touch! We are always looking for ideas for our events!

Check out our website here for the latest updates and Circular Tayside events, become one of our Be Inspired stories and be showcased on our Map, and join our Circular Tayside Ambassador team.

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