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Circular Tayside Manager joins Chamber teams - Perthshire Chamber of Commerce

Circular Tayside Manager joins Chamber teams

Perthshire Chamber of Commerce and Dundee & Angus Chamber of Commerce are dellighted to announce the appointment of Vaso Makri in a new role as Circular Tayside Manager. 

Driving business engagement and support across the whole region, Vaso will become a recognised face and a trusted connection between Tayside organisations, the Chambers of Commerce and Zero Waste Scotland.

Based within the Chamber of Commerce offices in Perth & Dundee, Vaso has got a strong background in circular economy and environmental activities, and studied Economic Development and Planning, Sustainable Development and Environmental Politics at various european institutions before coming to Scotland to further her career.


Vaso will work with SMEs to understand business challenges, identify the circular economy opportunities and help identify & influence business project creation and development.

She will also bring learnings from other Circular Economy success stories across Scotland and beyond to develop innovative thinking and projects from key sectors in our region, while being mindful of wider opportunities that will attract support from Zero Waste Scotland.

Vaso, along with the Chamber CEOs, will maintain close engagement with the Circular Tayside Ambassadors and ensuring everyone has up to date information about Scotland’s circular economy ambitions and opportunities.

This is a really exciting opportunity for local organisations to drive revenue growth and cost savings by adopting circular economy business principles, and by taking new products to market. The time for action has never been more appropriate as we see global, national and local demand for action to tackle climate change - our region has the chance to grasp a predicted £400 million economic benefit to Tayside by adopting a circular economy.

If you haven't yet read the Circular Tayside Opportunities report or want to find out more about the wider project, visit www.circulartayside.co.uk

Vaso can be contacted by email on vasomakri@circulartayside.co.uk - please get in touch if you'd like to meet with her to explore a project idea or learn more about the support available.

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