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Circular Tayside: How to make your own reusable face covering – live workshop from Zero Waste Scotland

Interactive online workshop on how to make your own reusable face covering.

Friday 11 December


About this Event

As well as protecting your health and our planet, reusable face coverings make sense for your pocket. It is estimated that people could save around £190 per year by switching to reusable face coverings from single use for daily use. Better still, why not make your own?

We’ve teamed up with Rose from Eco-Art to bring you an interactive, hands-on online workshop on how to make your own face covering from the comfort of your home.

You don’t need to be a sewing expert or have a sewing machine – Rose will guide you step by step from suggesting materials to helping with ideas on how to make your face covering unique to you.

We’ll also be joined by Miriam from Zero Waste Scotland who’ll be bringing some Christmas cheer and sharing her ideas on how to have a more sustainable Christmas this year.

Registration is essential to allow us to send details of what you need to participate in the workshop. Please note you can make your face covering by reusing material that you already have at home rather than buying new – e.g. an old shirt, a pillowcase of pyjamas.

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