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Circular Tayside: Check out this inspiring new circular partnership between Remake Scotland and Halley Stevenson’s!

This collaborative partnership between businesses shows Scotland’s circular economy in action. In a circular economy, products and materials are kept in use for as long as possible. All too often, surplus materials are seen as ‘waste’ and thrown away as a result, however, they can be a valuable resource. Reusing materials time and again means there’s less need to mine and drill for finite ‘virgin’ materials to make new products, which has economic and environmental benefits. What’s more, consumers are demanding convenience while also choosing products and services that have a minimal impact on the environment. Businesses can get ahead by going circular and capitalising on new market opportunities.”

Textile production is one of the most polluting industries, producing 1.2 billion tonnes of CO2 equivalent (CO2e) per year, which is more emissions than international flights and maritime shipping.

Unlike other manufacturers in the textile industry, Halley Stevensons, a Dundee-based company are a low impact dyers and finishers.  They specialise in the production of authentic waxed cotton from their site based in Dundee.

Sustainable innovation is at the core of their business and  they are continually reviewing ways of reusing and recycling materials in their factory.

Working with local initiatives to effectively avoid fabrics unnecessarily going into landfill is one area in which Halley Stevensons are keen to be involved in . Naturally through the factory process there can be about 20 meters which are not commercially sellable to their clients, but  the fabrics are not entirely redundant for other uses…

Just on the other side of Tayside, in a rural town called Crieff, sits Remake a community reuse charity that supplies, inspires and supports reuse of materials for the benefit of their community.

Remake Scotland is a Revolve certified store – a quality standards scheme run by Zero Waste Scotland.  When Circular Tayside, a regional Zero Waste Scotland project,  heard about the offcuts they reached out to the Revolve team to find a match.

A new collaboration quickly came together as Halley Stevenson’s agreed to provide Remake Scotland with their offcuts.

Remake is now receiving roll ends of high quality waxed cotton in varying colours and fabric weights. At the moment they are accepting approximately 30 rolls per month, which is cut into 3 meters lengths and offered for sale in their Scrapstore.  The supply was gone within a week to home sewers and small creative businesses. They kept some to experiment with products for their volunteer sewing group. So far they have produced waxed cotton and tweed wine carriers for reusable Christmas present wrapping, and a small, portable waterproof sit mat to carry with you when you go outside for sport or leisure.

They are constantly getting more interest and orders on new designs and there are many potential uses for it. They would like to use it to support youth skills training and local creative enterprises and start ups.

Remake works with a wide range of domestic and commercial donors and they have decided to make textile reuse one of their key activities. Textiles have high energy costs to produce and reusing has multiple benefits for carbon emissions, reducing landfill, water consumption, and chemical usage.

High quality Scottish produced textiles including waxed cotton, tartan, tweed etc have a high reuse value even in small quantities and they are working to make it easier to keep them in circulation. Remake would be very happy to work with a range of textile manufactures and textile use businesses (designers, home furnishings, weddings) to take their end of line, off cuts, sample books, selvedge.

We are very proud of our local organisations for forming such fantastic partnerships and helping create a more circular region!

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