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Perthshire Chamber of Commerce

Circular Tayside Charter

Circular Tayside has been working closely over the past few months with Zero Waste Scotland, Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce, and Perthshire Chamber of Commerce to design a Circular Tayside Charter that will:

a. Provide a roadmap for local organisations to transition towards circularity

b. Recognise and reward those organisations that are putting the effort towards making our region a better, cleaner more circular place.

Our latest Circular Tayside Ambassadors session was focused on the charter, where we received fantastic feedback on how the charter should look like, what the different levels should be and how it should function. We are very lucky to have this fantastic group and we are always looking for more ambassadors to enrich our existing pool!

To make the process more inclusive, we would like to ask you to provide your feedback on the charter until the 30th of October. Please contact us to receive the link . It should take you approximately 10' to go over it and we would appreciate any kind of feedback you could offer. 

Thank you for helping us re-design this project!

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