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China-Britain Business Council - UK-China Consumer Week, 19th - 23rd April - Perthshire Chamber of Commerce

China-Britain Business Council - UK-China Consumer Week, 19th - 23rd April

CBBC has just confirmed the final programme for their UK-China Consumer Week which will run from 19-23 April.

The week includes a range of sessions from top level trends information to really practical sessions to doing business in China.   All of the content sessions are free but there is also a paid-for matchmaking service (£800 for 4 buyer 1-2-1 meetings; £1200 for 8 meetings).  NB - The Deadline for matchmaking registration has been extended to - Wed 7th April (there have been some issues with sign-up but these have now all been fixed).   Please let Huishan know if you have any queries.

The programme aims to offer something for all companies regardless of what stage you’re at in targeting the China market, with dedicated days for consumer retail companies.    Given that companies are not able to travel at the moment, this could be an ideal opportunity to get further information and insights into the China market right at the beginning of the new financial year and before our own programme of activity kicks off in Q2 and Q3.


CBBC’s UK-China Consumer Week (19th-23rd April)  https://www.cbbc.org/uk-china-consumer-week-2021

The UK-China Consumer week is an online programme of events designed for consumer brands. This event will not only support UK consumer brands of all sizes strategize their post-pandemic China market presence, but also provide them with live opportunities to engage with e-commerce platforms, trade partners and buyers. 

The week‘s programme will feature consumer content, practical guides, digital tools interactive sessions and business-to-business meetings with Chinese buyers and partners as well as a UK Superbrand Day of livestreaming e-commerce dedicated to direct communication with Chinese consumers. Sessions will take place over five consecutive days allowing brands full access to the programme – should they wish- depending on their sector and sales channels. The experience could be all immersive – if a brand joined all five days of content, digital tool interactions and matchmaking, or very targeted - focusing on specific elements of the programme as needed.  

Specifically, companies may be interested in signing up for the B2B days and the UK Superbrand Day (links below) which represent great value for access to potential buyers in China. For companies already active in the market, you may benefit from some of the specific insight sessions on digital tools and how to optimise their presence.

Virtual Meet the E-commerce platform and Trade Partner (TP) Day: here

Virtual Meet the China Buyer Day – Retail Brands: here

Virtual Meet the China Buyer Day – Food and Drink: here

UK Superbrand Day – For UK brands selling in China online: here

This flagship China consumer event promises to be a great opportunity for market exploration, strategy enhancement and business development for brands new to China or those in market already looking to expand into new sales channels or augment their brand digital footprint and improve consumer communication. Sign up here!

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