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Balhousie Care Group develops staff app in record time as it ramps up communication in wake of Coronavirus - Perthshire Chamber of Commerce

Balhousie Care Group develops staff app in record time as it ramps up communication in wake of Coronavirus

Balhousie Care Group has launched a smartphone app for employees, as care home teams pitch in together during a challenging time.


The app, developed in a record 10 days by Balhousie Care's in-house IT team, gives the group's 1400 staff immediate and on-the-go access to company news, tips and guidelines, particularly surrounding Coronavirus.

The app features Coronavirus FAQs, a weekly staff newsletter, and how-to’s on subjects like hand-washing and putting on Personal Protection Equipment. There are also links to the latest news from Balhousie Care's 26 homes.

Jill Kerr, Group CEO of Balhousie Care Group, said: "We had been considering an app dedicated exclusively to our staff for some time. The Coronavirus Crisis has not only brought staff together to lend each other support, it has also led to the need for regular information updates.

"Rules, regulations and policies are being adapted and added to daily. Because of this we've been ramping up our internal communications - strengthening our staff intranet, making staff newsletters weekly rather than monthly, and having more staff briefings. 

"Creating an app to bring this all together seemed like a necessary next step. Just as importantly, it’s also a way of sharing and celebrating all the positive news and hard work our staff do.”

Find out more about the company at www.balhousiecare.co.uk

For media enquiries contact Gillian Drummond on 07365 284994 or gillian.drummond@balhousiecare.co.uk

Photo captions: 1. The Balhousie Care Group staff app; Staff at Balhousie Care Group number 1400 across 36 homes.

About Balhousie Care Group

Balhousie Care Group was formed 27 years ago to fill a gap in quality residential care in North East Scotland. Today, with 25 homes in the area, it is one of the leading providers of care for the elderly in Scotland, providing care to over 900 residents.


Balhousie Care prides itself on its person-centred approach to care. Putting people right at the forefront of everything they do; it’s inclusive of everyone. They capture this philosophy through the roll out of ‘Together We’re Great’, an initiative which recognises the skills, talents,
attributes and support areas for each and every person involved in the organisation. Together We’re Great aims to value individuality and promote excellence across the organisation.

A Participation Charter - a first-of-its-kind in the care home sector - commits to residents getting a bigger say than ever in the care they receive, from writing care home policies to recruiting staff.

Balhousie Care Group is the recipient of numerous awards. These include three Scottish Care Awards, 2019 Growth Business and 2018 Service Business of the Year at The Courier Business Awards, 2019 Growth Business of the Year Perthshire Chamber of Commerce STAR Award, and SME Scotland Business Man of the Year 2019 for Chairman Tony Banks.

Gillian Drummond

Brand & Communications Manager

Balhousie Care Group


t: 01738 254254 m: 07365 284994

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