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Alm College Virtual Open Lecture Event: Basic Income - Security in a time of Pandemic

Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education is once again, pleased to be hosting the Dundee Online Open Lecture Series 2020/21.

Date and Time: Thu, 22 October 2020, 18:00 - 18:45 BST

About this Event

The free-to-attend Open Lecture Series, established in 2010, has welcomed many speakers from around the world to present here in Dundee- one of Scotland’s most diverse, modern, and dynamic cities. These events are very much regarded as part of the College’s mission to establish bridges between different communities and societies.

As we look forward to the upcoming series, we are delighted to introduce our first guest speaker Jamie Cooke, Head of RSA Scotland (The Royal Society for Arts, Manufactures and Commerce), as he presents 'Basic Income – Security in a time of pandemic'

The lecture will take place Thursday 22 October, at 6pm, lasting 30 minutes followed by a 10-minute window for audience questions and engagement.

Brief summary of Lecture

Basic Income is an old idea which has shot to the top of the political agenda across the world. Offering a chance to respond to the economic insecurity and precarity that many people experience, it also strengthens our ability to respond to a pandemic situation.  In this talk, Jamie Cooke will explore the idea and how its introduction in Scotland could help to deliver security for all.

About the Speaker

Jamie Cooke is the Head of RSA Scotland, leading the organisation’s work across a broad range of topics and thematic areas. Areas of interest include resilient cities, the future of work, inclusive growth and civic participation, alongside international relationships between Scotland and the rest of the world (especially the US, Australia, New Zealand and France).

He is a leading advocate, media commentator, writer and speaker on the subject of Basic Income, working with partners, academics and policy makers in a range of different countries.

How to join the Online Lecture

Gaining access is simple and free- viewers will need a laptop/PC, tablet or smartphone. Click on the video conferencing 'Zoom' link provided by the College (usually sent on the day of the lecture) a few minutes before the event begins. to access the streaming platform called 'Zoom'. After clicking the Zoom link, viewers will be held in a virtual waiting room. From there, the Alm College Events team will submit viewers into the live lecture.

Upon entering the lecture, microphones will automatically be muted and webcams automatically turned off. If viewers wish to ask a question at the end of the lecture using your microphone, there will be an opportunity to do so

For more information, please visit www.almcollege.ac.uk/events/online-open-lecture-series-2020-21 or email events@almcollege.ac.uk

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