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Waste sector grants offered for Covid-19 adaptations- Up to £10,000 per site

From MRW

Zero Waste Scotland (ZWS) and the Scottish Government are offering up to £10,000 per site towards the capital costs of changing infrastructure and equipment to maintain environmental performance and sustainability while implementing controls to prevent the spread of the virus. These could, for exampl,e be changes to sorting lines or implementing traffic management on-site.

Charlie Devine, resource management spokesman at ZWS, said: “We know many waste management firms have had to adapt their processes. The whole sector is being challenged to work differently while waste streams are also being disrupted.”

Advice is also available for businesses looking to address issues created during the pandemic and help maximise recycling and recovery opportunities. This includes development of business plans, marketing initiatives and identification of diversification opportunities.

ZWS can also provide advice and training on meeting the challenges of bringing businesses back with operational restrictions.

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