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SCC Guidance for Businesses: Beyond Level 0, Face Coverings, Self-isolation

Now that Scotland has moved beyond Level 0, Scottish Chambers of Commerce has produced for members a document summarising the key aspects of current COVID-19 guidance and requirements and an FAQ document on the issue of face coverings - where they are required, recommended and what exemptions exist for them.

The guidance includes sections on the following issues:

  • Social distancing and reopening
  • Homeworking and return to offices
  • Face coverings and other workplace issues
  • Self-isolation and contact tracing (including exemptions from self-isolation

In addition, there is also now a guide to Covid-19 self-isolation.  The guide includes information on the following:

  • Who needs to isolate
  • Rules on self-isolation for close contacts
  • Exemptions for critical staff

The three documents can be found at the following links:

SCC Network - Beyond Level 0 Guidance

SCC Network - Face Coverings - FAQ Document

SCC Network - Guide to Covid-19 Self-isolation

We hope that members will find these documents useful in navigating the current rules.

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